Summer Camp

The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp is an activity designed for American high school students to travel to China so they can immerse themselves into the Chinese way of life. By traveling to China, the camp aims to enhance their understanding of Chinese culture, and stimulate their interest in Chinese learning. Campers will have intensive but fun language study as well as a wide range of culture related classes, such as Chinese martial arts, calligraphy, brush painting, paper-cutting and Chinese music and arts appreciation workshops. Campers will also visit cultural landmarks, historical sites, and museums in Beijing and out of Beijing.

2014 Summer Camp

The camp will be held from July 17th to August 1st.

The province our group will visit is yet to be determined.

Cost for the student: flights to and from China, visa fee and health insurance. All other costs will be paid by Hanban.

Requirements for students (set by Hanban):
1. American citizen
2. High School students; age between 14 and 18 (grades 9-12)
3. Non Chinese learning background and less than three years of Chinese learning experience
4. Have great interest in Chinese language and culture
5. Healthy enough for international travel

To apply, please fill out an application and submit the required documents (a personal statement of why you would like to go to China and a letter of reference from a teacher at the school you are attending).

The deadline to submit the application is March 10, 2014. 

To download the summer camp application, please click here.

Please submit your application to Emma Laheus at the Confucius Institute, 815 Olive St, St Louis, MO 63101.

For any questions, please contact Emma at 314-246-2200,

Student Comments

"From the moment we arrived at the Beijing international airport to the moment we left, we couldn't have felt more welcomed! Our teachers, guides and coordinators made us feel so welcomed and were thrilled to show us their cities"

- Emma Napoleon

"It was wonderful being able to see China from a basic student perspective. Living on our own without the guidance of our parent's nurturing ways has brought the independence we all need in becoming a success in life. It also gave us that push into life's reality from our confined teenage mentality."

- Andrew Zheng

"I know that I speak for all who went when I say that this trip has opened our eyes greatly and given us an experience that we can never forget. This was definitely the best trip of my life."

- Morgan Jasperson