Preparing A Design/Tech Interview | Webster University

Preparing A Design/Tech Interview

Applicants in any of the design or technical production areas must present a portfolio which should indicate the variety and calibre of their work in fine arts or theatre. Such a portfolio might consist of the following:

• Drawings, any subject and media
• Examples of work in color
• Drafting
• Prints
• 3-D projects of any type
• Actual theatrical design work, produced or not
• Figure drawing

Technical Production
• Draftings
• Photographs of projects
• Evidence of work in carpentry, electronics, mechanics, scenic construction
• Any of the items listed for design applicants

Letters of recommendation from two persons familiar with the individual's work should be included.

On-campus interviews are scheduled individually. For more information on what the interview process is like, click here.

Off-campus interviews are held on the regularly scheduled audition days.