Preparing A Design/Tech Interview | Webster University

Preparing A Design/Tech Interview

Applicants in any of the design or technical production areas must present a portfolio that showcases the variety and caliber of your work in ne arts or theatre. Such a portfolio might include pieces from the following:

    • Drawings, any subject and media
    • Examples of work in color
    • Drafting
    • Prints
    • 3-D projects of any type
    • Actual theatrical design work, either for a production or a project
    • Photographs of projects
    • Evidence of work in carpentry, electronics, mechanics, scenic construction
    • Sound

Letters of recommendation from two persons familiar with your work should be included.

On-campus interviews are scheduled individually to allow ample time to review the portfolio, and discuss your experience and career goals. Friday mornings are preferred.

When possible, class observations are also offered. Off-campus interviews are held on the regularly scheduled audition days. (See Off-Campus Auditions Schedule).