Preparing A Directing Audition/Interview | Webster University

Preparing A Directing Audition/Interview

1.) Two Contemporary Monologues. These should be realism and should not exceed three (3) minutes combined. They will be performed for a Webster faculty member;

2.) A Portfolio. Any theatre experiences should be represented. If you have directed a play or scene or assisted on a project, bring materials from that work (pictures, video, promptbook, program, etc). We also understand that students interested in the directing program might have little or no formal directing experience. For that reason the portfolio might also include work in other arts such as acting, design, choreography, opera, singing, photography, video, film, painting, design or writing. Share your artistic interests;

3.) Write an Essay. This is separate from the essay you wrote for admission to Webster University. Write a 750-1000 word essay on ONE of the following topics. This should be a separate essay from the one required by the University. The following are suggestions for this essay:

• Tell a compelling story from your life (or someone you know) and describe how you would bring it to the stage.

• What surprises/inspires you most about your experiences with live performance and give an example of how you might create such a moment yourself?

• Describe how you would go about sharing your passion for the theatre with children and give an example of a project you could direct to demonstrate that passion.