Design/Tech Interview Process | Webster University

Design/Tech Interview Process

Student arranges a portfolio review/interview through the Admissions Office. To schedule, please go to:
Audition/Interview/Portfolio Review Request Form

Student is assigned a day and time for the portfolio review/interview (usually a Friday morning at 10 am or 11 am).

On the day of the interview, the student meets with John Wylie in the lobby of the Loretto-Hilton Center at the assigned time. (Park at the Admissions Office.)

They will proceed to the Theatre Conference Room where they will be joined by representatives of the Design/Tech Faculty. (Parents are invited to wait in the lobby.)

The review usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

If the student wishes, Webster can arrange for them to:
a. go to lunch with a student (or group of students),
b. attend one or more classes,
c. attend crew from 7–11 pm,
d. stay on campus for a night.

If the prospective student wishes to do any of the above, Webster will assign a student ambassador, who will be the primary contact point.

Note: students should expect to receive notification of acceptance (or decline) on or around April 1.

If you have questions, please contact Patti Baygents, Audition Coordinator, 314-246-4216 or 1-800-753-6765 or email

It is also a good idea to contact John Wylie, Head, Design/Tech program, by e-mail ( to help with arrangements.