Preparing A Musical Theatre Audition | Webster University

Preparing A Musical Theatre Audition

Monologues and Songs
As a prospective musical theatre major, you must prepare two monologues of not more than three minutes total. The selections should be of a contrasting nature. Choose characters close to yourself in age from scripts written after 1930. Monologues must be memorized and fully prepared. 

Do not plan a long and involved introduction to your scene. Simply announce the name of the play and character and begin. Do not select Shakespeare or classical pieces. Do not do extreme characterizations of body, voice, or speech (extreme age, illness, insanity, handicap, etc.). The characters should be as natural, authentic, and close to you in real life as you can imagine. Do not use a dialect or accent. Use your own speech, even if the character would normally speak with an accent.

In addition, you must present two songs of contrasting nature of not more than 32 measures each to provide substantial information on vocal quality and range. One of the songs must be taken from the "Golden Era" genre that spans from 1943 to 1964.

Props and Costumes
The fewer the props and costumes the better. We will provide you with a chair if you need it, and you should keep the number of props and costume pieces down to one or two at the most. 

Please dress in clothing comfortable enough to allow you to do your best work, while still maintaining a professional look. No gym clothes, nothing too tight or revealing, and no heels above 3" tall.

Please have recorded piano accompaniment prepared for your Zoom audition with an external playing device.

Upon request ONLY, students may be requested to send a video of ballet, jazz and/or contemporary dance that is no longer than 1 minute in length. An additional 1 minute dance video hip-hop and/or tap is optional.