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Webster Conservatory Study Abroad

One of the unique qualities of an education at Webster is the remarkably easy access there is to studying abroad. With campuses across Europe and Asia, opportunities to study in another country are readily available. Each theatre student designs their own experience. Students have studied in Thailand, Vienna, the Netherlands, London and Geneva, Switzerland.

Design/Tech and Stage Management students often choose among the Thailand, London, and Vienna campuses. Actors have the opportunity to travel in the summer session. Directors study in London as part of their curriculum in the fall of their senior year. Below is a photo from Edinburgh, Scotland taken by a senior director studying in London.

"There is a fantastic world out there beyond your campus. Exploring it begins by just saying yes to any and every interesting opportunity that comes your way." Ann Kreitman, Directing Major, pictured below in Edinburgh Scotland.

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Photo of a student in study abroad in Scotland