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Directing Classes

Directing IPhoto of Next Fall
Directing I explores the art of storytelling, by first asking, "what is the story" and then deciphering "what are the pictures and staging that will best compliment the text". Directing is both a craft and an interpretive art. The class provides the student with the fundamental tools of direction: play analysis, staging and composition, research and rehearsal process, culminating in the presentation of a short scene.

Directing II
This class continues the process of developing analytical and compositional techniques as well as an examination of the history of directing. Exploration of rehearsal process is expanded and a dialogue will begin regarding communication with designers and actors. In Directing II the student has an opportunity to direct fellow conservatory members in a short work.

In Directing III and IV, the student director's work is presented on scheduled Tuesdays. These ETS (Every Tuesday) are attended by the entire performance area.

Directing III
In Directing III coursework will include  approaches for the use of light and sound, initial discussions on the meaning of "concept", and practical assessments of individual directing work. In this class the student will have the opportunity to direct a longer scene or one-act. The class will focus on auditioning, preparing to go into rehearsal and developing techniques for creative exploration and problem solving in the production process.

Directing IV
In Directing IV, the class provides the director with the opportunity to work on material that best fits their personal interests. This class begins the process of identifying what it means to have a "voice" as a director. An introduction to directing Shakespeare will be explored along with exercises in directing style.The issue of non-realism and what implications that work has on analysis, visual storytelling and actor coaching will be covered in this class. Again, each student will analyze, research and direct an ET of their choosing.

Directing Seminar
This class includes sophomore, junior and senior directors. In seminar, student directors evaluate current projects, research contemporary theatrical trends, prepare staged readings, focus on specific directing topics and discuss a particular book each semester (ex: On Directing, Directors in Rehearsal).

Senior Capstone/Reading List
In the final semester of study at Webster, the directing candidate will be tested over the Reading List. A well rounded director needs a fundamental knowledge of dramatic literature. This list is designed to introduce the student to a wide range of literature. In the final semester the student will also research, cast and rehearse a capstone production to be designed in conjunction with the Performance and Design Faculty.
Capstone Syllabus