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Directing Program FAQs

Will I get to direct as part of the program?

Each directing class has a component of actual rehearsal and presentation. In Directing II students will direct freshmen actors in a short piece. In Directing III and IV students will direct sophomores in longer pieces to be presented on Tuesday afternoons for the full performance department. In the Senior Capstone, students will direct a full length play. Pictures of past capstones are spread throughout the site. You can also go to additional photos at the top of the Director's Work page.

Will I be able to act?

As a freshman in the acting class, you will appear in a Directing II scene in the late spring. There are no other acting opportunities within the department after that. There are local companies who conduct open auditions in the St. Louis area. These opportunities need to be cleared through the department.

What other classes can I take outside of Conservatory?

Since the Directing program is a BA, directing students have more freedom to take on particular interests. Previous students have pursued business, English, art and religious studies courses. Others have taken additional classes within the conservatory with permission of the instructor.

How important is the acting audition towards being accepted into the directing program?

Although you are being accepted as a director and not an actor, it's important to take time to prepare for this aspect of the audition. In part, the monologues are used for placement purposes for the freshman acting class and also in part to see what you, as a young director, think about acting.

Where do other Conservatory students come from?

We recruit from all over U.S. We also recruit internationally and have had students from Costa Rica and Japan to name a few countries.

Will I be able to observe a wide range of directors working?

Because we share our space with two professional companies, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, there are many opportunities to watch directors working. Each directing candidate will be assigned an assistant directing position within the Conservatory as well as one with the St. Louis Repertory Theatre. Beyond that, students have volunteered to assist on other shows both for the Conservatory and the Rep. We also have a professional relationship with the Muny, St. Louis premiere summer musical theatre. Students have worked alongside directors for the Muny as well.