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What is Dramaturgy?

Theatre is conversation... Conversations bring people together, and this sharing of ideas and passions is what builds community. I have this image of the dramaturg as one of those old-fashioned operators plugging wires into a big grid. Wires of energy, interest, passionate charge, which once plugged in together, become the great idea.

—Liz Engleman, What Makes a Turg Tick

Some people describe dramaturgs as structural engineers. Their job, after all, is to ensure that the architecture of a play is solidly constructed. Others describe dramaturgs as explorers, since a dramaturg ventures inquisitively into the new world that a theatre production seeks to create and discovers paths yet to be trodden. In truth, you may ask ten theatre professionals what a dramaturg is, and you will probably get eleven different answers. From conducting production research to nurturing new plays, from shaping production seasons to creating educational resources, the tasks that a dramaturg often plays today are quite broad and often very exciting.Photo of creative dramatics.