CRI Member Benefits & Opportunities

Early access to Institute research reports and results:

The Institute has a wide variety of activities operating on a day-to-day basis. These range from ongoing developments in the Cyber Labs to white papers, presentations, summary reports of events, and other similar materials. Members gain early access to these results and reports, typically from weeks to months in advance of others.

Invitations to monthly Institute webinars on emerging topics in cyberspace:

The Institute holds a monthly Webinar on emerging topics in cyberspace. Members are invited to attend these events as they happen, and they have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with guest webinar speakers.

Weekly online member discussion sessions:

All members are invited to weekly group discussion conference calls with online presentation and demonstration capabilities. We use these sessions to get member feedback, engage in discussions about future directions and interests, and discuss upcoming events and activities.

Associates program access:

The Institute Associates program brings experts in various aspects of cyberspace together on a retainer consulting basis. Associates are retained by the Institute as advisors to its programs, and members are given one-on-one consulting time with Associates as part of their membership or sponsorship. Members gain group access during associate conference calls, while sponsors gain limited one-on-one associate sessions.

Cyber Labs access:

The Cyber Labs are safe places to explore the limits of cyberspace without the potential for harming others. They were created by Webster University to support applied research, education, and advanced training. Members are given an organizational identity to access select Cyber Lab capabilities. Sponsors gain access to self-administer group access for up to 100 members of their organization.

Memberships in Knowledge Sharing Communities:

Knowledge Sharing and Communities are member-managed Sharing Communities established to gain, maintain, and advance knowledge and situational awareness of conditions in areas of focus. Information is shared based on community-established policies and norms: 1) among Community members; 2) with other Sharing Communities; 3) and with member-approved public sector entities. The Institute operates multiple Sharing Communities including the Industrial Control Systems ISAC (ICS-ISAC), Insurance ISAO (INS-ISAO), Archives and Records Management ISAO (ARM-ISAO), Intel and Analytics ISAO (IA-ISAO) and others. Institute members receive membership in Sharing Communities of which they have an affinity. Sponsors have enhanced benefits as established by the membership of their Sharing Community.