CRI Research & Activity

The Institute sponsors a growing range of activities supporting our mission.

ITrust Project

InterPARES (International Research into the Preservation of Authentic Records in Electronic Systems) Trust is a multi-national, interdisciplinary research project, exploring issues concerning digital records and data entrusted to the Internet. Its goal is to generate theoretical and methodological frameworks to develop local, national and international policies, procedures, regulations, standards and legislation, designed to ensure public trust grounded on evidence of good governance, a strong digital economy, and persistent digital memory.

The Institute’s associates have participated in meetings in Europe and Canada over the last several years and lead a research team developing of a standard of practice for protecting the reliability and authenticity of digital records worldwide. This includes a soon-to-be published study of governmental archives and their efforts to assure that the records they keep and that are presumed reliable for legal purposes, justify the public trust over time.

Knowledge Sharing Communities

Knowledge Sharing Communities are member-managed groups established to gain, maintain, and share knowledge and situational awareness in areas of common interest. Information is shared based on community-established policies and norms: 1) among Community members; 2) with other Communities; 3) and with member-approved public sector entities. The Institute operates multiple Communities including the Industrial Control Systems ISAC (ICS-ISAC), the Insurance ISAO (INS-ISAO), an educational community, and others. Institute members receive membership in Communities with affinities subject to the policies and norms of those communities. Sponsors have enhanced benefits as established by the membership of their Sharing Communities.

The Institute is working jointly with the ISAC, the ISAO, and other members of our Communities to develop relationships with other ISACs, ISAOs, and knowledge sharing communities to build a global cooperative knowledge sharing project. Today, the Institute provides members up-to-date details of ongoing activities impacting industrial control systems and insurance. In the near-term, this capability will extend to many other areas of the global cyber-community.

Governmental, Military, and Industry Research Activities

The Institute's research environment supports research and development in collaborative work with sponsors and funded research. This involves creating specialized research environments that can be saved, replicated, and reproduced for experiments.

  • Example: A cooperative effort with an Industry Member seeks to find better ways to detect malicious acts by insiders within a cloud infrastructure. The researchers created a cloud-based environment with a live human user base, recreated methods used by malicious insiders in other environments, and tested different detection and response methods.
  • Example: A new set of detection methods were developed by a partner company wishing to test them in a safe off-site environment. A cooperative effort was funded to test them in the Cyber Labs. Our researchers configured the detection systems so as to not interfere with normal operations, ran tests for the company, analyzed results, and provide feedback to the partner.
  • Example: The InterPARES Trust research project is building sample secure digital archive environments meeting requirements of the developing Standard of Practice. This will soon be tested as a repository for the ISACs and turned into a production facility over the coming year. A copy of the archival system will also be used by researchers around the globe to understand and try to improve on the standard of practice, and be supported for companies wishing to apply similar methods to their own archival systems.
  • Example: A small company looking at deploying dialogue systems it has been developing is introducing one of their existing systems into the Cyber Labs to be tested and used as an example. This is being converted to support a back-end for other Cyber Lab systems to see how well this sort of technology performs and to learn about how the future of dialogue systems will change the way we do things.

Competency Building Ventures

Knowledge without sharing does not advance humanity. The Institute brings knowledge through the development and sharing of professional activities. These range from corporate training to building professional competencies sponsored with our industry Member companies to advanced training as part of working with governmental agencies, military, and industry Members. The Institute considers knowledge development in these areas to be an integral part of its responsibility to the future of cyberspace.

The Cyberspace Research Institute works jointly with our Members to create targeted competency building ventures. In doing so, we follow federal guidelines for creating proficiency based activities that meet industry needs.