Betsy Brandt

Adjunct Faculty
Introduction to Global Dance, Improvisation, Dance History, Composition

Betsy Brandt

Betsy Brandt is an interdisciplinary scholar, dancer, choreographer, teacher, dramaturg, and writer in the fields of dance, film, and contemporary art.  She currently holds faculty appointments at Webster University and Lindenwood University, teaching courses in history, theory, composition, and technique. She is also a pioneer in the emergent role of dramaturgy in contemporary dance.

Recent dramaturgical projects include Sara Hook and Paul Matteson’s Bored House Guests (2014), Jennifer Monson’s Bessie-nominated Live Dancing Archive (2013), and Untitled (2012), a dance-film installation created in collaboration with Doris Duke Performing Arts Award recipient Tere O’Connor.  She was also the dramaturg-in-residence for 2015’s Experimental Film Virginia, an annual residency program of international filmmakers and dancers.

Brandt’s research and writing has been presented at a Special Topics Conference of the Congress on Research in Dance, the Congress of Illinois’s Beyond Utopia conference, and as part of the Lorado Taft Lectureship Series.  Brandt was the co-artistic director of the aTrek Dance Collective from 2004–2009 and currently serves as president of the Board of Directors for Leverage Dance Theater and as a member of the Artist Advisory Board for The Luminary.

She earned her MFA in dance, with a research emphasis in cinema studies, from University of Illinois: Urbana Champaign, where she was also served as teaching assistant and adjunct faculty. Past faculty appointments have also included Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis University, and the University of Missouri–St. Louis.  She received her BA in dance and political history from Kenyon College.