Fort Belvoir

Located in Virginia, Fort Belvoir is one of four Webster University sites in the National Capital Region. 

At the Fort Belvoir site, we offer Master of Arts  degrees in: Procurement and Acquisitions Management, Business and Organizational Security Management, Public Relations, International Relations, and Business Administration (MBA). All degrees are taught by professionals who have a working knowledge of the fields they teach and provide our students with a reality-based education using practical application.

Webster University at Fort Belvoir is certified to operate in Virginia by SCHEV (101 N. 14th Street  Richmond, VA 23219).

Because of security issues, it's necessary for non-military affiliated students to obtain a pass to enter the base.

Webster University Fort Belvoir

Barden Education Center
9625 Belvoir Rd., Rm 143
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-1598

Phone: (703) 781-7942
Fax: (703) 781-3834