Fall 2 2012

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

Course Section Description Instructor Day
FINC 5880 BO Advanced Corporate Finance Hutton SAT
HRMG 6000 BO Integrated Studies in HR Management Roop SAT
MNGT 5590 BO Organizational Behavior Lythgoe SAT
MNGT 5910 BO Ethical and Legal Issues in Management Tansimore SAT
HRMG 5930 BO Labor-Management Relations Alvarey MON
ITM 5400 BO Systems Analysis, Design and Implementation George MON
ITM 5600 BO Information and Communications Strategy Washington MON
MNGT 5670 BO Managerial Leadership Oman MON
PROC 5830 BO Pricing Eanes MON
HRMG 5920 BO Compensation Dichoso TUE
ITM 5000 BO ITM:Overview Hair TUE
ITM 6000 BO Final Project in ITM Tippin TUE
SECR 5090 BO Behavioral Issues Hair TUE
HRMG 5000 BO Managing Human Resources Henderson WED
SECR 5010 BO Legal and Ethical Issues in Security Management Heaney WED
SECR 5130 BO Investigations Management Peterson WED
BUSN 5760 BO Applied Business Statistics Hair THU
MRKT 5000 BO Marketing Harris THU
PROC 5890 BO Government Procurement Law Delman THU
SECR 5030 BO Business Assets Protection Peterson THU
BUSN 6200 BO Strategy and Competition Hutton FRI
HRMG 5800 BO Staffing Henderson FRI
MNGT 5870 BO Issues in Management Page FRI
PROC 5000 BO Procurement and Acquisitions Management Wilson FRI


Joint Base Andrews NAF

Course Section Description Instructor Day
MNGT 5590 46 Organizational Behavior Page SAT
PROC 5870 46 Pricing and Contract Integration Garner SAT
HRDV 5630 46 Organizational Development and Change Robinson MON
PROC 5810 BO Acquisitions Law Delman MON
INTL 5675 BO Central and Eastern European Studies Powers MON
BUSN 5620 46 Current Economic Analysis Faux TUE
BUSN 5000 BO Business Turner TUE
FINC 5000 BO Finance Jonnakuty TUE
INTL 5530 BO International Law San Antonio WED
PROC 5270 AV Acquisitions Management Harman WED
BUSN 5200 BO Basic Finance for Managers Pyles WED
BUSN 6110 46 Operations and Project Management Chalfant THU
BUSN 6070 BO Management Accounting Jonnakuty THU
INTL 5570 46 Comparative Foreign Policy Elbot THU
INTL 6000 46 International Relations: Theory and Practice DePauw FRI
PROC 5840 46 Negotiations Watts FRI


Southern Maryland Higher Education Center

Course Section Description Instructor Day
PROC 5270 SM Acquisitions Management Watts SAT
PROC 5810 SM Acquisitions Law Treanor TUE
PROC 6000 SM Integrated Studies in Procurement and Acquisitions Management Mallicoat THU


Fort Belvoir

Course Section Description Instructor Day
PROC 5820 FL Operations Management Maisel MON
SECR 5160 FL Violence in the Workplace Bond MON
FINC 5210 FL Investments Glenn TUE
PROC 6000 FL Integrated Studies in Procurement and Acquisitions Management Wootten TUE
MRKT 5000 LN Marketing Davis WED
PROC 5860 FL Government Contracting Hobbs WED
PROC 5850 FL Logistics Maisel THU
SECR 5080 FL Information Systems Security Fowler THU
BUSN 5600 FL Accounting Theory and Practice Pyles FRI
BUSN 6120 FL Managerial Economics Faux FRI
PROC 5000 FL Procurement and Acquisitions Management Urquhart SAT