Spring 2 2014

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Joint Base Anacostia Bolling

Course Section Description Instructor Day BLDG/ Room
MNGT 5590 BO Organizational Behavior Lythgoe SAT 11/106A
PROC 5830 BO Pricing Harris SAT 52/202
SECR 6000 BO Integrated Studies in Security Peterson SAT 52/200
BUSN 6200 BO Strategy and Competition Hutton SUN 11/106A
MNGT 6000 BO Integrated Studies in Management McCullough SUN 11/201
BUSN 5000 BO Business Turner MON 48/205
BUSN 6070 BO Management Accounting Jonnakuty MON 11/106A
HRMG 5920 BO Compensation DiChoso MON 52/200
ITM 5100 BO Info & Comm Systems Network Thompkins MON 48/205
MNGT 5670 BO Managerial Leadership Oman MON 11/Conf.Rm
MRKT 5000 BO Marketing Bennett MON 52/202
BUSN 5200 BO Basic Finance for Managers Pearson TUE 11/106A
FINC 5000 BO Finance Hutton TUE 52/200
HRMG 5800 BO Staffing DePeiza TUE 52/202
ITM 5000 BO IT Management B. Hair TUE 52/121
MNGT 5000 BO Management Oman TUE 48/205
SECR 5140 BO Critical Infrastructure Protection Gerrity TUE 52/203
BUSN 6110 BO Operations and Project Management Chalfant WED 48/205
HRDV 5610 BO Training and Development Shibelski WED 11/106A
ITM 5200 BO Project Management of IT B. Hair WED 52/201
MNGT 5710 BO Cross Cultural Management Noumair WED 52/202
PROC 5840 BO Negotiations B. Hobbs WED 52/200
BUSN 5600 BO Accounting Theory and Practice Jonnakuty THUR 11/106A
HRMG 5000 BO Human Resources Managememt Medlock THUR 52/200
ITM 5300 BO Procurement and Contract Management for IT Eanes THUR 52/202
MNGT 5870 BO Alternative Dispute Resolution Bridge THUR 48/204
PROC 5000 BO Procurement and Acquisitions Management Wootten THUR 48/205
SECR 5020 BO Security Administration and Management Veney THUR 52/121
MNGT 5650 BO Management and Strategy Page FRI 52/202
PROC 5860 BO Government Contracting Roper FRI 11/106A
SECR 5090 BO Behavioral Issues Buck FRI 52/200

Joint Base Andrews

Course          Section Description                   Instructor                Day Room
PROC 5890 46 Government Procurement Law Cooper SAT 110
BUSN 6120 46 Managerial Economics Bonina MON 210 B
MNGT 5950 46 The Woman Manager Blakes MON 103
MNGT 5670 46 Managerial Leadership McCullough TUE 103
PROC 6000 46 Integrated Studies in Procurement Wootten TUE 208 B
PROC 6000 AV Integrated Studies in Procurement Eanes TUE 210 B
BUSN 5760 46 Applied Business Statistics E. Hair WED 112
INTL 5675 46 Central and Eastern European Area Studies Powers WED 103
PROC 5820 46 Operations Management Garner WED 210 B
HRDV 5630 46 Organizational Development and Change Eady-Mays THUR 103
MNGT 5000 46 Management Turner THUR 112
HRMG 5000 46 Human Resources Management Catchings FRI 103
PROC 5850 46 Logistics Berg FRI 110
INTL 5100 46 Research Methods and Perspectives Kleiner FRI 208 A

Fort Belvoir

Course Section Description Instructor Day Room
BUSN 5620 FL Current Economic Analysis Cooper SAT  
BUSN 5760 FL Applied Business Statistics Schumaker SAT  
INTL 5645 FL Asian Area Studies Hugar MON  
SECR 5160 FL Violence in the Workplace Bond MON  
MNGT 5990 FL Corporate Responsibility and Society Oster TUE  
PBLR 5322 FL Public Relations Edwards TUE  
PROC 5270 FL Acquisitions Management Maisel WED  
MRKT 5000 FL Marketing Davis WED  
SECR 5090 FL Behavioral Issues Wilson TUE  
MNGT 5590 FL Organizational Behavior Eady-Mays WED  
INTL 5000 FL International Relations Rampton THUR  
PROC 5810 FL Acquisitions Law Rodgers THUR  
FINC 5000 FL Finance Ensign FRI  
PROC 5870 FL Pricing and Contract Integration Garner FRI  
SECR 5110  FL Government Security Management Blakes FRI  

Southern Maryland Higher Education Center

Course Section   Instructor Day Room
MNGT 5000 SM Management Gipson WED  
PROC 5820 SM Operations Management Townsend WED  
PROC 5810 SM Acquisitions Law Treanor THUR  
MNGT 5990 SM Corporate Responsibility and Society Wilson THUR