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Message from the President and Provost on Diversity and Inclusion

As Webster University continues its path toward a more inclusive global community, it is important to share steps our community collectively has taken to strengthen and nurture this core value. It is likewise helpful to consider the contexts which test these values.

The aftermath of the national elections in the United States showed us that, as many predicted, heated debate would continue as people differ on the direction and values conveyed in policy and political speech. It also reminds us that the commitments we make to an inclusive community must be upheld at all times, regardless of the nature of ever-changing current events: For us to build, protect and reap the intellectual benefits of a truly global community of fellow neighbors, we must engage each other with humility, understanding and respect. We must afford one another the opportunity to participate in our community in a safe setting, to express and explore our differences without being subject to intimidation or marginalization. We must be firm that hate speech has no place at Webster...

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