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Diversity Council

The Diversity Council was established in 2014 as part of recommendations from the President and Provost Working Group initiative. This broad cross-section of University members include academic divisions, all schools and colleges, administrative functions, and support groups, who are deeply committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive campus community.


The Diversity Council was established on the premise that the diversity of all faculty and staff is one of Webster University's greatest assets; that the diversity within this world has helped establish the University's worldwide footprint; and that our success in ensuring high-quality learning experiences that transform students for global citizenship and individual excellence depends on recognizing and contributing to diversity in all aspects of campus and community life.

The Diversity Council serves as an advisory body to the President, Provost and Senior Administration of the University. They are resources to academic and administrative units. The focus, to help ensure the University's internal and external relationships and business partnerships appropriately reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Council Members

Dr. Julian Schuster, President, will serve as the Executive Sponsor for the Diversity Council.

    • Sara Boyd, Writer & Editor Strategic Communications
    • Erin Bullerdieck, Transitions Coordinator
    • Christal Chu, Technician IT Support Services
    • Simone Cummings, Associate Professor Management Dept.
    • Rich Dippel, Associate Professor GHW School of Business & Technology
    • Corey Hawkins, Admissions Representative
    • Amy Kettenbach, Coordinator, HR Office
    • Jong Bum Kwon, Assistant Professor, Behavioral & Social Sciences Dept.
    • Elvir Mandzukic, Faculty Development Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty, Faculty Development Center
    • Kim McGrath, Assistant Director, Office of Study Abroad
    • Merrium Massey, Grant Coordinator, Kansas City Metro Campus
    • Saa Meier, Coordinator, Finance Dept.
    • John Metzner, Lecturer - Wig & Makeup, Conservatory of Theatre Arts
    • Susan Napoleon, Coordinator, School of Communications
    • Nikki Parres, Assistant Director, MCISA
    • Nicole Roach, AVP for Diversity and Inclusion and Sir. Dr. for Community Engagement
    • Arnoldo Rodriguez, Associate Professor, Business Dept.
    • Nermina Sinanovic, Assistant Director, IT Support Services
    • Jade Venditte, Development Officer-Prospect Research & Analysis, Alumni Office

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Women's Network

Catalyst (http://catalyst.org)

Office of Community Engagement

Jennifer Starkey
Director, Community Engagement
Loretto Hall 357
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