2017 Solar Eclipse | Eye Protection | Webster University

2017 Solar Eclipse | Eye Protection

A short presentation regarding protecting your eyes during the ellipse and safe viewing methods was given to the participants during the welcome ceremony. Participants were educated again before the totality. Handouts containing safety information were available. Eclipse viewing glasses were provided free of charge to those that registered for the event in advance.

University Statement on Viewing Safety

Safety Disclaimer: The University is providing viewing glasses as a courtesy but makes no warranty regarding the viewing glasses. Participants acknowledge that there is a risk of eye damage from viewing a solar eclipse, including any viewing through photographic equipment or sunglasses. Participants acknowledge that the University is not responsible for any use, failure to use or misuse of viewing glasses during the eclipse. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to make sure that children in their care are using viewing glasses properly. There is a limited number of viewing glasses.

Participants are solely responsible for their activities and maintaining safe distances from obstacles or ledges and understanding their surroundings to prevent any physical or property injury during the event and especially when wearing the solar glasses. For example, it is recommended that movement be limited, as the glasses will impair visibility for everything except the sun.

Be aware that it will get dark just before the totality of the moon blocking the sun. Extreme caution is advised during this time.

Photography Disclaimer: Participants acknowledge that the University may be taking pictures or videos of participants at the event and agree to the use of their name, image and picture in all forms and in all media for any lawful purpose by the University. Parents and guardians of children under the age of eighteen approve the use of the name,image and picture of minors in their care.

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