Marlene Birkman, Ph.D. | Webster University

Marlene Birkman, Ph.D.

Graduate Department of Education
Webster Hall 238




Dr. Birkman, Professor of Education at Webster University, teaches writing, poetry, and folklore in the Communication Arts graduate program. Her passion for teaching began during her Indiana childhood when she transformed her family's double garage into a school for neighborhood children. She received her M.A. in English and Ph.D. in Education at Purdue University, where she served as a Visiting Assistant Professor in English and Education when she completed her degree. At Purdue, Marlene discovered her zeal for the arts and for engaging others to explore the wonder of words and the power of the imagination. She is an author of professional articles and book reviews for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), Gyo Obata: Architect/Clients/Reflections, The Images Publishing Group, 2010 and Ruth Lynford My Life in Design, the Images Publishing Group, 2013. Marlene delights in working with others as they experience the sparks and surprises of the creative process.