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Education Digital Learning and Interactive Teaching Experience

Surface Pro 6You have chosen an exciting time to join teacher education at Webster University. You are one of the first teacher candidates to be a part of our Digital Learning and Interactive Teaching Experience (ED-LITE). Through this project we are providing you with a new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 computer. This computer will be your primary tool to access learning resources that are provided to you here in teacher education. With your new interactive teaching device, you and your fellow teacher education classmates, will have a standard way of getting to your Office 365 portal for productivity, communication and creativity. Your Surface will also provide a single doorway to WorldClassroom on Canvas, our learning management system as well as to Connections, your student portal.

More than this, your Surface Pro 6 is the hub of your practice as a teacher. Here are some key target areas where we plan to develop your teaching and design skills based on this interactive platform.

Focus Feature 1: With your Surface Pro you will develop many new teaching, instructional planning and curriculum design skills. Some examples include:

  • Utilize digital whiteboards to share and curate content information
  • Create interactive touch-based activities that reinforce student knowledge
  • Naturally markup documents, presentations and files for instant and natural feedback
  • Use accessible and adaptive tools that narrate, magnify or read content off the screen for learners that need supports
  • Design lesson activities multi-sensory input such as digital ink, voice, touch-screen or keyboard so that students of all ages and stages can be supported
  • Collaborate with students in other classrooms around the world to enrich your class activities

Focus Feature 2: We begin your journey through an innovative approach to teaching you how to use technology as a teacher. You are being placed in a technology or teacher education course that involves you paying a lab fee of $400. This covers a portion of the cost of your device. The School of Education will cover the rest of the cost of your device plus the cost of two accessories, a digital pen and a touch type keyboard.

In your course, we will teach you how to setup and organize your Surface Pro 6 so that you can get started with confidence. This will allow you to develop confidence and competence with your new teaching hub. We will also learn about typical troubleshooting steps and common problems that may arise in its daily use. More than this, you will learn why this device offers you an exciting opportunity to develop creative and innovative teaching skills. We will model these skills for you and offer you practice opportunities so that you can take these to your other classroom and practicum experiences.

We recommend that if you are able, you should purchase the accidental damage or replacement plan through Microsoft within 15 days of purchasing the device. If you do not purchase the plan you will only have a limited manufacturer's warranty for the year.

Focus Feature 3: You own and manage the device as soon as you are able. Even more exciting is the fact that after your first semester and when you have registered for your second semester in teacher education, the device will become fully yours. Prior to this if you do not complete the first semester the device is to be returned to the School of Education. If your withdrawal or non-completion period is after the posted Webster University add-drop date, you will not receive a refund.