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Gifted Education and Talent Development

As gifted students seek more challenges in their education, educators help develop their talents so they may thrive in the future. The Advanced Graduate Certificate (AGC) in Gifted Education and Talent Development provides training on how to identify, nurture and develop the abilities of young people.

This program teaches education professionals how to optimize the potential of children and adolescents who are exceptionally gifted. Coming to understand diversity as it applies to a student's talent and achievement, graduate students seeking this advanced graduate certificate learn about developing each child's capabilities and personality.

This advanced graduate certificate program is designed for educators who have earned a master's degree and are interested in gaining more gifted-education experience.

Gifted Education and Talent Development Academic Programs

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*The U.S. Department of Education defines Gainful Employment program criteria and data requirements. View this program's Gainful Employment Disclosure at http://www.webster.edu/consumers/gainful-employment/graduate/gifted-education-and-talent-development/gedt.html to see important information about the education debt, earnings and completion rates of students who attended this program.