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Classroom Supports for Disruptive Students

Make a break through. Help your students meet their goals even when behaviors become a deterrent.

This course includes the psychology of disruptive behavior, including definitions, characteristics, identification, academic, and social interventions for managing behavior in the classroom. This course will enable teachers to implement proactive and reactive strategies for working with students who engage in oppositional, defiant, and disruptive behaviors. Consideration is given to the principles of applied behavior analysis and other major approaches for preventing, managing, and changing disruptive classroom behaviors.


Session Dates

Support for Students with Disruptive Classroom Behaviors

July 13–17: 8:30 am–5:30 pm

Course number: SPED 5410.30 | 3 credit hours

Tuition Rate: $585

Contact Information

Rena M. Rockwell, Ed.D
Summer PLS Coordinator | 314-246-7582