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Addressing Race, Racism, and Racial Identity

Become a skilled communicator and make the most of teachable moments. We're helping educators navigate sensitive subject matter in effective and safe ways.

Race and racism are topics that regularly arise in conversations and affect a wide variety of people in profound ways. However, discussions about these topics can be difficult and provoke strong emotions. Teachers often need to confront race and racism in the classroom, but some teachers feel unprepared to do so. Students will learn how to identify and articulate safe and effective ways to discuss race, racism and racial identity in the classroom. ($30 Lab Fee)

Session Dates

Race, Racism and Racial Identity in the Classroom

July 17: 5–9 pm

July 18: 8:30 am–5:30 pm

Course number: EPSY 5210.30 | 1 credit hour

Tuition Rate: $195

Contact Information

Rena M. Rockwell, Ed.D
Summer PLS Coordinator | 314-246-7582