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TESL: Sheltered Instruction

Gain more insight into teaching English as a second language. Educators in this session will walk away with instructional tools that are influenced by their students' key objectives rather than fitting into the model for standard English learners.

Our job is to facilitate learning for our English learners considering cultural and linguistic diversity. “When we tailor our instruction to our English learner’s language proficiency levels and prior knowledge, we are sheltering the instruction.” (Peregoy & Boyle, 2013, p. 99).

Participants will apply a curriculum planning process to the second language classroom. The planning will be based on local standards and legal requirements, informal assessment of a student’s language, analysis and adaptation of published materials, and the creation of materials to meet identified needs. In an effective Sheltered Instructed lesson, language and content objectives are systematically woven together into the curriculum of one particular subject area. Teachers develop the students’ academic language proficiency consistently and regularly as part of the lessons and units they plan and deliver (Echevarria & Graves, 2007).


Session Dates

Sheltered Instruction

July 6–10: 8:30 am–5:30 pm

Course number: COMM 5410.32 | 3 credit hours

Tuition Rate: $585

Contact Information

Rena M. Rockwell, Ed.D
Summer PLS Coordinator
SOElearning@webster.edu | 314-246-7582