Outcomes Survey Results

Below are the results for the Outcomes Survey. If you have any questions regarding the reports, please contact Justin Bitner in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at justinbitner77@webster.edu or (314) 246-7464.

Report Name 2015-2016 2014-2015
Summary, Methods, Highlights  PDF  PDF
Worldwide Means Tables  PDF  PDF
School of Business & Technology Means Tables  PDF  PDF
School of Business & Technology Comments  PDF  PDF
College of Arts & Sciences Means Tables  PDF  PDF
College of Arts & Sciences Comments  PDF  PDF
School of Communications Means Tables  PDF  PDF
School of Communications Comments  PDF  PDF
School of Education Means Tables   PDF  PDF
School of Education Comments  PDF  PDF
College of Fine Arts Means Tables  PDF  PDF
College of Fine Arts Comments  PDF  PDF
St. Louis Means Tables  PDF  PDF
St. Louis Comments  PDF  PDF
All Domestic Extended Means Tables  PDF  PDF
All Domestic Extended Comments  PDF  PDF
All International Means Tables  PDF  PDF
All International Comments  PDF  PDF
All Functional/Service Comments  Pending  Pending
Freshman vs. Transfer Means Tables  Pending  n/a
Response Rate Tables  PDF  PDF
Extended Methodology and Survey Instrument   PDF  PDF