Call for Proposals (CLOSED) | Webster University

Call for Proposals (CLOSED)


Thank you for submitting a proposal to our conference. We are especially interested in topic proposals that meet the theme: Actions for Social Justice in Education.  

With this theme in mind, we are asking presenters to think about the ways in which the work you are engaged in communicates actual forward movement.  The movement towards greater equity and representation for our Black, immigrant, low income, and disabled children as well as youth in your setting. We want conference participants to learn about actual successes, challenges and innovations that support each learner especially those traditionally most vulnerable and underserved by the US education system. 

We also want to hold in view the Forward Through Ferguson Report, and it's signature priority of youth at the center. Which speaks for calls to action that "speaks to the needs of children and youth". Particularly in the area of "education infrastructure reform"  around  "early childhood education, education innovation, and school accreditation" (p.18).  


Presenters may request a lecture style or small groups style space. Lecture style will be the default setup if no requests are specified. 

Presenters may have a panel discussion, conduct a lecture or engage in small group discussions.  


Concurrent sessions will run for 30 minutes and will be conducted in a shared location with a second presentation. One group or individual will present first and a second group or individual will follow in the same room. Presenters will allocate time for questions.  

Profile Session 

A profile session will run for 45 minutes and will highlight projects that are occurring in one district or one project zone.  

Technology and Media 

All rooms are equipped with a projector, projection screen, and an internet connected Windows computer. Personal notebook computers can be connected to the presentation screen. Guest WiFi is available.

Once proposals are accepted, presenters will be expected to upload their files and presentations to the conference provided site by a specified due date.

Call for Proposals (CLOSED)