FAQs | Webster University


What is SchoolDude?

SchoolDude is a web-based school facilities maintenance program created especially for schools. 

How do I set up a SchoolDude account?

You can setup your account through the website here.

How do I set up notifications for my work orders on SchoolDude?
The Manage Email Notifications page is not set up for the user role. This can be resolved by clicking on the Account Setup tab. Then click on Manage Email Notifications. On this page, you can select the email notifications that are sent to every user role. 

How do I submit a work orders? 

You can place your work orders here


How do I check the status of a work order?

Once you are logged into the SchoolDude system, click the tab "MyRequests" to progress of your work order.

How long will it take for my work order to be completed?
Work Orders, unless indicated for completion by a certain date or time or indicated as an emergency, are completed as quickly as possible. 

Why would a Facilities representative come to my room when I have not submitted a Maintenance Request/Work Order?

The chances of a Facilities representative entering a room without prior notice from a student is rare. However, it could be that someone else in the room has submitted a work order or some investigative work is necessary to due an issues in another nearby room. 

What types of event set up services are available?


[info. regarding event setup requests, delivery, work orders etc.]

Where can I find more information about construction & maintenance impact notices?

The information about the construction and maintenance could be found on the webster news page, where the notices are put up.

http://news.webster.edu/construction/2016/construction-update-aug-26-2016.htmhttp://news.webster.edu [connect to webster news, Notice pages]

What types of office moving services are available?

[description of services and link to work order system]

 What types of key & lock services are available?
[description of service and link to work order system]

 How do I request supplies or materials?
[description of service, kinds of supplies you can request and link to work order system]

Where can I find campus maps and directions?                                                                                                          

You can find the campus map and the description here.

How do I submit an art installation requests?
[process for putting art on campus grounds - Dan?]

What types of measures are taken for environmental health & safety?
[description and guidelines of how hazardous waste is handled, safe handling protocol, who to contact for issues, etc.]

What types of recycling & waste disposal services are available on campus?                         The Webster University Recycling program is committed to promoting campus sustainability through waste reduction by making recycling easy, convenient and accessible. For more information, 


[description and link to recycling page]

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
If the emergency is a life safety issue than public safety should be contacted immediately. If it involves water leaks, overflowing drains, heat or air conditioning - Facilities Operations should be contacted between 6:00am - 4:30pm. After hours, students should contact their RAs as quickly as possible

For emergencies on campus, please call the Facilities Operations Center at 314-968-6904
For after hours campus emergencies, please call Public Safety at 314-968-6911

For all other inquiries, contact the Facilities Operations office at 314-968-6904.