Faculty Senate

Alumni House

Faculty Senate Offices are located on the second floor of the Alumni House.

Faculty Senate President:
Gwyneth Williams

Faculty Senate and Assembly Minutes

Faculty Policy Page

Computer Replacement Policy for AY 2015-16

Performance Pay

Faculty Survey of Draft Performance Pay

Satisfactory Performance Assessment Procedures

Satisfactory Performance Assessment Evaluation Form

Sample of Suggested Criteria for Performance Pay

Timeline for Performance Pay Chart

Timeline for Performance Pay Text

Salary & Fringe Benefits

2016-2017 Salary & Fringe Benefit Final Signed Proposal (presented at 4/26/16 FA)

Concur Information shared at 4/26/16 FA

2015-2016 Salary & Fringe Benefit Final Signed Proposal (presented at 4/21/15 FA)

2015-2016 Professional Development Travel Policy


2014-2015 Salary & Fringe Benefit Final Proposal (presented at 4/22/14 FA)

2014-2015 Professional Development Travel Policy

Committee Information

2016-2017 Faculty Committees - Elected & Appointed

2015-2016 Faculty Committees - Elected & Appointed

2014-2015 Faculty Committees - Elected & Appointed

Committee Annual Report Form

2015-2016 Current Faculty Senators

Vice-President of the Faculty Senate:
John Aleshunas (Math & Computer Science)

At-large Faculty Senators: 
Don Conway-Long (Anthropology & Sociology)
Ted Green (School of Education)
Ryan Groeneman (Biological Sciences)
Terri F. Reilly (Anthropology & Sociology)
Hemla Singaravelu (Professional Counseling)
Martha (Marty) Smith (Math & Computer Science)

College of Arts & Sciences: 
Anne Geraghty-Rathert (Legal Studies)
Keith Welsh (Religious Studies)
(Emily Thompson replacing for Spring 2016)

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts: 
Jef Awada (Theatre)
Glen Bauer (Music)

George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology: 
John Aleshunas (Math & Computer Science)
J.P. Palmer (Management)
(Ece Tuncel replacing for Spring 2016)

School of Communications:
Victoria 'Tori' Meyer (Audio Aesthetics & Technology)
Larry Baden (Communications & Journalism)

School of Education: 
Joseph Sencibaugh (Teacher Education)
(Cheryl Breig-Allen replacing for Spring 2016)
Phyllis Wilkinson (Communication Arts, Reading & Early Childhood)

Contact Information

Faculty Senate President
Gwyneth Williams

Faculty Senate Office
Alumni House, 2nd Floor
534 Garden Avenue
Cynthia Pirkle
Administrative Assistant
(314) 246-7458