At-Risk Students

Helping students persist is an important part of what we all do at Webster University. Retention is important to the institution and to students who have invested in their education. If you perceive that students may be at risk of not continuing their education at Webster University, for whatever reason (e.g., financial, personal issues, academics), please alert the Campus Director. Early awareness of potential roadblocks can sometimes enable us to find an appropriate intervention that will enable students to continue their enrollment.

Alert System

The University is in its third year of using a new retention software called MAP-Works. MAP-Works will help us to create opportunities for students to connect with appropriate resources. The old AT RISK ALERT SYSTEM is no longer being used.

  • For undergraduate students you can submit alerts through the MAP-Works system.
  • For graduate students, if you have concerns about troubling, or alarming, behavior you can send your concerns via e-mail to the dean of students office at Any concerns about a graduate student's academic performance or attendance should be discussed with the student directly.
  • If the at-risk student is an online student, please review the following FAQ for information on accessing the online course-specific At Risk Student Form.

If you believe an undergraduate student, at the Webster Groves campus, is struggling or is showing signs of leaving Webster and you feel that they might benefit from some type of intervention, you can submit a referral on behalf of that student into the MAP-Works system.

You may access the form at:

You will need to register for a MAP-Works account. To do so you will click the register as a new user link. An e-mail will be generated and will give you the instructions on how to finish the log-in process. From there you can begin to enter in referrals for any undergraduate students at the Webster Groves campus.

If you are serving as a faculty member you may also submit Academic Updates such as class attendance issues, failing grades, and other academic performance issues.

Information obtained through this form will be used to determine the appropriate follow-up actions. When possible, the staff in various student service units may reach out and assist individual students based on their needs and challenge.

For addressing At-Risk Students on the Webster Groves campus we ask that you utilize the online at-risk system MAP-Works

You may also contact:

Justin Barton
Retention Initiatives Program Coordinator
Sarah Tetley
Director, First Year Experience Programs

MAP-Works can be accessed from inside Facebook. Enable the Facebook app at: