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What is best way to use Turnitin?

The most effective way to use Turnitin is to encourage students to students to submit drafts that can be revised until the due date. Each draft results in an originality report that goes to both the students and the faculty so you can track the revision process.

In order to do this, you must change two default settings under More Options when setting up your assignment.

First, select Generate Originality Reports for student submissions immediately (can overwrite reports until due date) as shown in the illustration below. If you do not select this setting, the drafts will compare against themselves and give a false high match.

Second, select Yes when asked if you would like to allow students to see the originality report as shown in the illustration below.

Be sure to select these settings when you are adding your assignment to the course - all the guides provided on this site, for faculty and students, are designed around using Turnitin in this way.

Once you change these settings you may make them the default settings for all future assignments in your current course. To do this, select Yes when prompted Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments?

Recommendations for the More Options page:

  • Enter special instructions
    Provide your students with a recap of how and why they will use Turnitin to review the originality report to verify that they have properly quoted and cited all their sources. Encourage them to call the Reference Desk for assistance, or to speak with you.
  • Would you like to select a QuickMark set?
    Advanced users that make extensive use of GradeMark can select pre-configured setting here. This is optional.
  • Generate Originality Reports for student submissions
    Immediately (can overwrite until due date).
  • Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment?
  • Exclude quoted materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment?
    No. Students should be encouraged to review all blocks of directly matching text to make sure they are both quoted and cited properly.
  • Exclude small matches?
  • Allow students to see Originality Reports?
  • Allow submissions after the due date?
    This is up to the instructor. Note, students will not be able to re-submit after the due date based on information they get from the originality report.
  • Search options
    Select all options.
  • Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments?

Why is this the best way to use Turnitin?

Webster University is committed to maintaining academic integrity through education, prevention, and ethical integrity. Classroom assignments are opportunities for students to find, learn, and reflect on knowledge and to present their own ideas and interpretation of that knowledge. It is the responsibility of the student live up to academic standards, but there is a great deal that an instructor can do to prevent plagiarism, including informing students of their responsibilities, creating assignments that make plagiarism an ineffective solution, and using instances of plagiarism as learning opportunities for students. Turnitin can act as a learning safe zone, turning potential violations of academic integrity into learning opportunities.

By providing several days before the due date for students to review and resubmit their assignments (over-writing the previous report), you use Turnitin in a way that:

  • Provides students opportunities to learn from their mistakes by correcting them
  • Allows students to learn about prevalent issues of plagiarism and copyright
  • Provides an honest and open view of what might cause concern, protecting the instructor should additional action be needed
  • Promotes equality and minimizes and prevents potential charges of bias in selecting only suspicious papers to report
  • Allows students the opportunity to followup with you to explain why a report may appear suspicious
  • Gives students same confidence as the instructor that results from Turnitin are accurate


Are there other resources to help address plagiarism?

Yes. Turnitin is only one tool for faculty and students designed to prevent plagiarism. Faculty should take the time to explore these other resources as well.

Plagiarism Resources for Faculty

The purpose of this web site (Link opens in a new window) is to provide faculty with the information they need to discourage plagiarism, including resources for students, information on designing plagiarism resistant assignments, and resources for detecting plagiarism in assignments. Additionally, you will find Webster's policy on plagiarism, and a description of what to do to deal with an instance of plagiarism.

Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism

This Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism (Link opens in a new window) is intended to provide information and resources to help students learn how to complete course work without plagiarizing. The site includes:

  • 4-Part video tutorial on plagiarism
  • Student Guide for using Turnitin
  • Webster University's policy on plagiarism
  • Consequences of plagiarism
  • Tips for avoiding plagiarism
  • Style guides and other research tools

The Writing Assistance Page

Every class has a link to the Writing Assistance page in the WorldClassRoom course home page. This page, available to students whether faculty make use of WorldClassRoom or not, includes:

  • Links to citation guides and handouts on writing advice
  • Links to the Writing Center, including the Online Writing Center submission form
  • Links to RefWorks, a bibliographic citation management software
  • A description of Turnitin with link to the Turnitin student guide
  • Links to the Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism