What is GradeMark?

One amazing feature available with Turnitin in WorldClassRoom is GradeMark, a tool that allows student submitted papers to be edited with your mouse and keyboard in the same way you would use a pen. Here's how it works:

  1. Students submit their paper via a Turnitin assignment link that has been created by the instructor in WorldClassRoom.
  2. The instructor returns to the same assignment link, and clicks the GradeMark icon (a red apple) next to the student's name.
  3. The paper will open in a new window, allowing the instructor to use either a highlighter tool with a comment box, or a free form text to provide feedback on student writing.
  4. The instructor can enter general comments and even a grade, and the paper is automatically "returned" to the student, available to them upon accessing the same assignment link in WorldClassRoom.

Why Should I Use GradeMark?

While GradeMark doesn't offer the extreme portability of paper and pen, it does have several features designed to save you time:

  • The Comment Clipboard allows you to provide the same written feedback without having to retype it for each student.
  • The QuickMark feature has built-in format and composition libraries that allow you to drag and drop edits over student text. Instead of seeing simply an edit mark, the student gets an explanation of what was wrong... and perhaps even a link to more help.
  • Custom QuickMark libraries can be created as well, and even shared with others.
  • Instructors can build rubrics to be used when reading student papers, letting them calculate grades with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Students can see their strengths and weaknesses after the paper has been returned to them. Rubrics can be saved and used with multiple assignments and can even be exported and shared with others.
  • Instructors can view statistics in the form of charts to see how students progress through assignments, how they compare to the class average, and the frequency of rubric and GradeMark items which will help the instructor identify common strengths and weaknesses.

How do I use GradeMark?

For more information on GradeMark, consult the Turnitin Instructor User Manual (Link opens in a new window).