Welcome from Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble, President

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Hi, I'm Beth Stroble, President of Webster University. We're really glad you've chosen to teach for us and we think you'll find it a rewarding experience.

Webster University, almost going to celebrate its centennial, coming up in 2015. The Sisters of Loretto founded this great institution in 1915 with the philosophy of taking education to where students needed it. Filling unmet needs.

And so from that beginning, in St. Louis, we're now a global university, so we provide education in 33 cities, 56 military installations, and 10 international locations. You may be teaching at any one of those, or a combination of them. And so we're really glad to support you in doing what Webster does best. Supporting students' needs and teaching students to help them prepare for thriving careers, purposeful lives, being global citizens, and it takes a great group of faculty to do that. And we know that the value you bring to the classroom is your commitment to students, your commitment to Webster University, and your expertise as a practicing professional. It is a hallmark of a Webster education, that connection of theory to practice and you are one of the strong links in that connection.

We've prepared this orientation to give you some tools, so that as you prepare for first teaching assignment with Webster University, or if you're returning after some time, that you have the tools that help you succeed. More information about our learners, more information about the instructional focus we have this coming year and anything else that you need is available through our Faculty Development Center and all of the opportunities we provide to support not only faculty, but staff and our students as well.

You're going to find a great diversity of students in your classrooms, both from an ethnicity and an international point of view, nationality, gender, ability, disability, and a range of backgrounds that make these students so interesting, all the way from traditional undergrads, to working adults, to active military, to Veterans, to citizens from all over the globe. I hope you'll find that an enriching experience. And you'll find that same diversity among your colleagues, whether adjunct or full-time.

I hope that you will find this experience as rewarding as a teaching experience can be. Getting to know your students, supporting them, celebrating their success, and positioning them for the futures that we know that education provides.

I'm glad you've selected Webster University to practice your craft and your profession. Let us know how we can support you better, and I hope this orientation will answer all of your questions, if not, we're here to help because we know your success is all about a Webster student's success. Best wishes.