Welcome from Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble, President | Webster University

Welcome from Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble, President


I am Beth Stroble, President at Webster University. On behalf of this entire university community your faculty colleagues, staff members, students, alums. Welcome, and I am very glad you've made a decision to join us as a member of the faculty. We're delighted that you are here.

I believe that you will find this experience of teaching Webster students personally and professionally very rewarding. Why? Because Webster students are wonderful students and they need you. They need faculty who are professionally expert, who are committed to their success, and who enjoy working with them to achieve their goals; educational, career, personal, professional. You're going to find a variety of Webster students and some of you no doubt teach on military bases, some of you online, some of you here in St. Louis, and maybe right here in Webster Groves, where we were founded in 1915.

It is a special time to be part of the Webster University community and I hope you will find every part of your teaching experience a personally and professionally rewarding one. As you join our Webster University community you'll find that we work constantly to improve our services, our support, our communication with the employees and among our students, so this video and website are designed to give you the resources you need as an instructor and also as an employee. I hope you will find here much of what you need.

As we're closing out a first-century and beginning a second, you're an important part of this community because it is Webster's desire and goal and aspiration, and our reality, that our success is measured by the success of our students. You are a very important part of that and I thank you for joining us. May you have a great year.