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Student Learning Assessment

Program-Level Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Webster University Assessment Process 2.0

During the 2019-2020 academic year, programs developed a standing five-year assessment plan (due May 2020). This plan is required from all programs and includes the following:
1. Program-level learning outcomes (which will be reviewed and potentially updated during this process)
2. Curriculum map aligning outcomes with student opportunities for learning (e.g., courses)
3. Assessment methods for each LO including a) what artifacts will students create to demonstrate their learning, b) what tools (e.g., a rubric) will be used to evaluate the artifacts to determine the extent to which the outcomes were achieved, and c) how this data will be collected and aggregated from all faculty in all locations teaching related courses
4. The process for sharing/disseminating the plan to all faculty in the program.

These assessment plans will be revisited periodically to ensure they are accurately representing the assessment process for each program.

Some department planning has extended into AY2020-21 due to the Spring 2020 COVID-19 lockdown and the demands of rapid movement to remote instruction. The Faculty Development Center will work with departments continuing into AY2020-21 to complete their plans, along with any necessary updates or changes to the assessment process caused by the pandemic. For assessment questions, please contact Liza Dister, Assistant Director of the Faculty Development Center: