Diversity of Student Chamber Repertoire

Community Music School of Webster University

Johannes Brahms
Mendelssohn String Quartet in F minor, Op. 80

I Allegro vivace

Christian Woehr
B. Gypsy Suite

III. Bride in a Red Dress

Date: Mendelssohn-February 26, 2014; Woehr - May 6, 2012

Relevance: This sample shows the diversity of repertoire that program students experience in each of 3 concert cycles (rotations) per year. Students are re-grouped each rotation to experience different personnel, and experience the many varied chamber music configurations possible. Repertoire ranges from Baroque period performance to 21st century commissions, such as the Gypsy Suite. Commissioned for the Preparatory Program as a clarinet quintet in 2011, Bride in a Red Dress was adapted for solo viola and string quartet to feature a program violist who is an award winning composer. Students range from age 15-18. Length of Sample for audio/video: 4:52

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