Diversity of Student Chamber Repertoire

Relevance: This sample shows the diversity of repertoire that program students experience in each of 3 concert cycles (rotations) per year. Students are re-grouped each rotation to experience different personnel, and experience the many varied chamber music configurations possible. Repertoire ranges from Baroque period performance to 21st century commissions. The program strives to cover the great pieces of the chamber literature, while seeking to present undiscovered gems, new commissions and premieres. The Ravel is one of the great standards of the piano trio repertoire and requires nuanced interpretive and performance skills from each group member. The Stanford Horn Quintet performance appears to be the American premiere, having been published fairly recently in England. The Higdon is a 21st century work from a Pulitzer prize winning female composer. Students range from age 14-18.

Maurice Ravel

Trio in A minor

I Modéré

Date: 11/22/15

Video 1 [ Ravel  11.24.15]  0:51,  end of first trimester

Charles Villiers Stanford

Fantasy for Horn Quintet in A minor

Date: 11/22/15

Video  2 [Stanford 2/21/16]  1:20, mid-year competition

Jennifer Higdon

Sky Quartet

V. Immense Sky

Date: 4/26/15

Video 3 [ Higdon 4/23/15]  1:20,  end-of-year graduation concert

Student Process and Progress

Relevance: Mentoring and coaching by Artist Teachers is the heart of the Preparatory Program. Here, PREP Artistic Director, Vera Parkin, coaches a group preparing to compete the next day at a national chamber music competition. The sample is indicative of the imagery, pedagogical experience and commitment carefully selected coaches offer students. The students were able to apply and act upon the coach's directives successfully before a live audience and jurors through careful grooming, inspirational teaching and consistent instruction. Chamber music is the ultimate vehicle for Student Centered Learning: peer mentoring, collaborative learning and working toward a common goal. Ages range from 16-18 years.

Rader Quartet Coaching

Date: 2/20/16

Video 4 [Rader Quartet 2/20/16 coaching] 3:38,  mid-year

Gracyna Bacewicz

String Quartet No. 4   IV Allegro gioccoso

Date: 2/21/16, Midwest Young Artists Discover Chamber Competition

Video 5 [Bacewicz 2/21/16]  1:32,  mid-year competition

Enhancing Learning through Multiage Grouping

Relevance: This innovative work for string quartet and string orchestra afforded an outstanding experience for Preparatory Program students to model pre-professionalism to younger students and for all students to interact with the award winning  string quartet in residence, the  Jasper String Quartet. The work features 3 different student populations playing simultaneously with the quartet, with parts commensurate to the playing ability of each. Students from neighboring institutions participated, creating an opportunity for community engagement and arts diplomacy. Students ranged in age from 12-18 years.

Stuart Duncan


arr. Nate Rowe, for String Quartet and multi-level small orchestra used with permission

1/23/16 mid-year; St. Looey Chamber Blitz workshop with the Jasper String Quartet

Video 6 [Attaboy 1/23/16 ] 1:09,  mid-year St. Looey Chamber Blitz workshop