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For all educators, mastery of one's discipline is just a single element of what defines excellence in teaching. Those who strive to be amongst the most successful educators must also hone their skills in further developing their existing skills at transferring their knowledge to students. To support you in this process, the Faculty Development Center staff members are here to provide faculty member's assistance in developing and implementing pedagogical approaches to achieve learning outcomes by accommodating diverse learning styles.

Listed below are a few ways in which the FDC can lend a helping hand. Please use the contact information in the blue box on this page to arrange for an in-person, telephone, or virtual meeting to determine what solutions work best for your situation.

Classroom Activity Design

While the traditional lecture is a well-established and valid form of instruction, today many faculty are searching for new ways to transform their role as an educator from being solely a “sage on the stage” to a “guide on the side”. FDC staff members are knowledgeable and enthusiastic proponents of student-centered learning, and will happily meet with any faculty who seek to explore new ways in which they can modify their course content to address a wider range or learning styles and strengthen student understanding. As an additional resource, the FDC offers an Active Learning Handbook – a succinct guide that offers a number of great ways to get started.

Instructional Media Support

The FDC team can lend specialized skills to help you create and implement a wide array of learning materials that will help you achieve your instructional objectives in the classroom or online. These materials can range from media-enhanced presentations to websites to videos and DVDS, and beyond.

One-on-one Tutorials
Whether you are interested in learning how to web-enhance your course, use software to develop instructional material, or figure out how to incorporate a SMART Board into your lectures, the FDC is happy to provide individualized training to make it happen. The FDC staff members are familiar with a wide array of educational technologies and are available to work with faculty members looking to incorporate new tools into their teaching.

Grant and Fellowship Support

The FDC can help faculty members meet the requirements of grant and fellowship opportunities both internal and external (in collaboration with the Office of Development) that relate to teaching and learning. In the writing process, we can assist with defining and documenting needed components of a successful project, and can assist with planning for methods of evaluating and documenting project success. Also, faculty members who have been awarded grants or fellowships can seek our support with the implementation of teaching and learning components.

FDC Contact Info
Phone: 314-246-8243
Toll-free: 1-866-963-8243
Emerson Library Suite 420

The FDC Suite in the Library is closed, as the University has moved to Modified Operations.

Staff are currently working from home and are available using the contact info above.
We are available 8:30 am - 4:30 pm CT