Instructional Media Services

Convert media for play in the classroom

If you have a DVD that was purchased in another part of the world, or if you are traveling to teach, you may need to view the DVD in a different video format. We will create a copy of the DVD for you to use in the classroom and hold on to the original until we receive the copy back.


Faculty often find themselves with great learning resources that don't work with what they or their students have available – such as the need to play a cassette tape in the classroom, or a record for that matter! The FDC has the equipment to copy DVD, VHS, DV video sources, and CD, cassette, and LP audio sources into new, digital sources. This can be used to extract relevant clips to share with students online, to make a copy of a DVD from a foreign region playable in your classroom, or to combine multiple sources into one disk that can be used to easily work examples into your lecture (we cannot make complete copies of copyrighted media, nor can we make multiple copies to pass out to students).


Paper documents and images sometimes need to be made into electronic formats for teaching purposes as well. The FDC has the equipment to scan printed images and documents, slides, and negatives. Our slide scanner is equipped with a batch feeding apparatus that allows us to scan 50 slides at one time while our staff goes about other business. If you are still teaching with sets of slides, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service.

Interactive Media

If you need interaction built into your teaching, we can create some interactive learning objects with you. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss available options.

Copyright & Fair Use

All of these services are provided in accordance with Fair Use and Copyright laws. For more information on Fair Use, click here.