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Faculty Fellow Spotlight

Using video production to communicate a message is equally desirable and daunting in today's academic environment. Aaron AuBuchon, video faculty in the School of Communications takes you through the basics of preparing a production including scripting, coming up with a thesis statement, how to organize ideas visually, and what sorts of equipment you will need. Whether faculty member or student, and no matter your level of technological prowess, this seminar will help you start thinking about how to deliver your ideas using motion media and audio.

Teaching Festival Spotlight


Stephanie Mahfood, Assistant Professor, Multidisciplinary Studies

This poster will present results from an investigation conducted in fall, 2013 that focused on the research question: How is student understanding and retention of academic content affected when an instructor systematically embeds within this content instruction, strategies designed to assist students in focusing on the executive functions of self-monitoring attention, self-checking understanding, and shifting between the big picture and the smaller details? The context of this investigation was a semester-long special education methods course. This investigation was a single case, alternating treatment design (Kazdin, 1982) in which four conditions were alternated: no intervention, student self-monitoring of attention using a MotivAider device, student self-checking understanding using agendas outlining the learning outcomes for the class period, and student shifting between how individual concepts fit into the “big picture” of the course.  Data were collected on the dependent variable of student understanding and retention of course content through weekly, 5-question multiple choice quizzes given at the end of each class period and a final summative quiz given at the end of the course. Additionally, students were be asked to rate on a Likert scale, how they felt the specific executive function strategy helped them in understanding and retaining the class material.