Faculty Fellows

The Provost's Faculty Fellows program invites faculty members to partner with a unit within Academic Affairs in order to contribute to Webster's key strategic efforts, drawing on their individual interests, skills, and academic backgrounds to create a special project. For more information, please read the complete description of the 2017-18 program.

Those who are interested in partnering with the Faculty Development Center to prepare a proposal are invited to discuss their interests and ideas with the Director of the FDC, Erik Palmore: palmoeri@webster.edu.

FDC Faculty Fellows 2017-18

The Faculty Development Center is pleased to announce its partnership with two Provost's Faculty Fellows for the 2017-18 academic year.

John Aleshunas

Professor in Math and Computer Science
Project title: Data Across the Curriculum: A Computational Literacy Learning Infrastructure
Aleshunas plans to build a freely accessible learning infrastructure – guides, sample materials, example problems, etc. – for faculty and students to use in learning the R statistical computing language. This infrastructure of resources will help with his other fellowship activities, including open workshops on R, a Teaching Festival session with speakers from industry about data literacy in different professions, and consulting with departments/programs on how they can incorporate experiential data projects into their curriculum.

Amanda Rosen

Associate professor in History, Politics, and International Relations
Project title: Transparency in Assignments for Academic Excellence and Student Retention
The goal of transparency in course design is to promote equity in learning experiences by helping students who may not be adequately prepared for college. One of the challenges such students face is in their course assignments, which often contain limited instructions or indications of success. Rosen’s project will involve leading a team of faculty through assignment transparency training and then conducting research on its efficacy on student learning at Webster. Additionally, she will organize and share resources on transparency for all Webster faculty through the FDC.