2018 Teaching Festival | Webster University

2018 Teaching Festival

The 2018 Teaching Festival was held Feb. 12-16, and featured workshops, poster presentations, panels, and roundtable discussions by Webster faculty, students, and staff on the theme “Teaching Toolkit for Engaged Learning.”

Highlights of the week’s activities include:

  • On Monday, a poster session with a reception and open house at the Academic Resource Center, Loretto Hall 40. The poster session will feature presentations on a wide variety of teaching and learning topics, including case studies and simulations to promote engaged learning, undergraduate research and study abroad as high-impact practices, and resources in the Webster network that support student success and motivation. The Academic Resource Center Open House will showcase services that support student success, and refreshments will be available.
  • On Thursday, the Faculty Research Symposium, a day of presentations by faculty on their current research, performances, art pieces, and more.
  • Throughout the week, workshops, panels, and roundtables on topics related to engaged learning and student success.

List of sessions:

Date & Time Location Title of Event
Monday, February 12, 9:30-10:30 am Library Conference Room
Library 120
Link to WebEx session
Global Learning in an Online Worldwide Curricula
Monday, February 12, 11 am-12 pm Library Conference Room
Library 120
International Curriculum Choose Your Adventure: A Canvas, WebNet+, Online, Global Teaching Story
Monday, February 12, 12-1pm Library Conference Room
Library 120
Inclusive Teaching Roundtable
Monday, February 12, 3-5 pm Loretto Hall 40 POSTER SESSION, Reception, and Academic Resource Center Open House
Tuesday, February 13, 10:30-11:30 am FDC Suite
Library 420
Link to WebEx session
Navigating the Dialectic Between Responsible Gatekeeping versus Inclusive, Student-Centered Learning
Tuesday, February 13, 12-1 pm Library Conference Room
Library 120
Agency and Integrative Learning: Exchanging Letters
Tuesday, February 13, 4:30-5:30 pm FDC Suite
Library 420
Collaboration & Productivity in the Cloud - Leveraging the Power of Office 365 Apps
Wednesday, February 14, 9-10 am Library Conference Room
Library 120
Students' Success Network: A Toolbox for Engaged Teaching & Holistic Advising
Wednesday, February 14, 11 am-12 pm Library Conference Room
Library 120
Using FlipGrid to Create Presence In An Online Class: Cognitive, Social, & Instructor
Wednesday, February 14, 1-2 pm Library Conference Room
Library 120
The Writer's Secret: Storytelling as Metaphor and Model for Teaching and Learning
Wednesday, February 14, 2-3 pm Library eClassroom
Library 110
Teaching Climate Change Policy with a Little Number Crunching
Thursday, February 15, 8 am-2 pm East Academic Building 137
Stop by anytime for a demo!
You: Teaching Via WebNet+
Thursday, February 15, 8 am-6 pm East Academic Building 102 Faculty Research Symposium
Friday, February 16, 9-10 am FDC Suite
Library 420
Motivating the First Year Experience: Persistence Through Transparency


The Teaching Festival is sponsored by the Faculty Development Center in partnership with the Academic Resource Center, the Online Learning Center, and the University Library.

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