Additional Plagiarism Resources

The following are resources that you should be aware of as you begin incorporating plagiarism prevention measures into your courses.

Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism (Link opens in a new window)
This Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism is intended to provide information and resources to help students learn how to complete your course work without plagiarizing. The site includes:

  • 2-Part video tutorial on plagiarism
  • Student Guide for using Turnitin
  • Webster University's policy on Plagiarism
  • Consequences of Plagiarism
  • Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Style guides and other research tools

Turnitin (link opens Teaching Tools section of this guide)
Instructors can accept assignments via Turnitin (in WorldClassRoom) as an opportunity for students to learn about their own academic writing practices by giving them opportunities to review “Originality Reports” to correct potential plagiarism before instructor review. Webster's Turnitin page in the Faculty Resource Guide includes:

  • Description of when and why to use Turnitin
  • Guides and tutorials to help use Turnitin
  • Instructions on using the Grademark feature of Turnitin
  • Turnitin FAQs

The Writing Assistance Page
Every class has a link to the Writing Assistance page in the WorldClassRoom course home page. This page, available to students whether faculty make use of WorldClassRoom or not, includes:

  • Links to citation guides, and handouts on writing advice
  • Links to the Writing Center, including the Online Writing Center submission form
  • Links to RefWorks, a bibliographic citation management software
  • A description of Turnitin, with link to the Turnitin student guide
  • Links to the Student Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism