Fayetteville Metro: Spring 1, 2017 Schedule | Webster University

Fayetteville Metro: Spring 1, 2017

January 9 - March 10, 2017

*All schedules are subject to change or cancellation until the term is in progress.

Course Description Instructor Time Location
 BUSN 6070  Management Accounting  Greg Burris  5:30-10:00 PM  Fayetteville
 MRKT 5000 Marketing   Terry Held  5:30-10:00 PM  NWACC
HRMG 5920 Compensation Steve Pervival 5:30-10:00 PM Fayetteville
 BUSN 5620  Current Economic Analysis  Marina Hodges  5:30-10:00 PM  Fayetteville
 BUSN 5760  Applied Business Statistics  Bob Donaho  5:30-10:00 PM  Fayetteville
 MNGT 5590  Organizational Behavior James Rairdon  6:30-10:00 PM  Fayetteville via WebNet w/ Denver
 HRMG 5930  Labor-Management Relations  Rose Riley  5:30-10:00 PM  Fayetteville

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