Fall 1 2014

Term Dates- August 18-October 17, 2014

Day Course Description Instructor Location
Mon MRKT 5000 Marketing Jim Shankle Fayetteville
 Mon  HRMG 5920 Compensation   Carla Sloan  Fayetteville
 Mon  MNGT 5990 Corporate Responsibility & Society  Dr. Barri Tulgetske        Walmart
 Tues  FINC 5000  Finance  Dr. Bob Sutton                   Fayetteville
 Tues  BUSN 6120  Managerial Economics  Mike Gibbs  Walmart
 Wed  BUSN 6070  Management Accounting  Greg Burris  Fayetteville
 Thurs  BUSN 5760  Statistics  Dr. Larry Seifert  Fayetteville

Weekday Class Times: 5:30-10:00 PM

All schedules are subject to change or cancellation until the term is in progress.