Fall 2 2013

October 21-December 20, 2013

Day Course Description Instructor Location
Mon BUSN 5620 Current Economic Analysis Marina Hodges Fayetteville
 Mon  BUSN 5760  Applied Business Statistics  Dr. Larry Seifert  Wal-Mart
 Tues  HRMG 5930  Labor Management Relations  Dr. Bob Sutton  Fayetteville
Tues MNGT 5670 Managerial Leadership Dr. Rod Riley Fayetteville
 Tues  FINC 5880  Advanced Corporate Finance  Marina Hodges  Wal-Mart
 Wed  MNGT 5590  Organizational Behavior  Steve Percival  Fayetteville
 Wed  BUSN 6110  Operations & Project Management  Dr. Bob Sutton  Wal-Mart
Thurs HRMG/MNGT 6000 Integrated Studies HRMG/MNGT Rose Riley Fayetteville
 Thurs  BUSN 6200  Strategy & Competition  Mike Gibbs  Wal-Mart

Weekday class times: 5:30-10:00

Walmart Room Assignments

All Schedules are subject to change or cancellation until the term is in session.