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Financial Literacy

It is important to stay current with your student account at Webster University, but it is equally important to develop good financial habits now for the rest of your life.

Financial literacy refers to the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions through their understanding of finances. Education on the management of personal finances is an essential part of planning and paying for postsecondary education. Everyone needs to understand the options with respect to the vast array of financial products, services, and providers to make sound financial decisions. 

Learning good personal finance skills now can help you reach your goals and find success sooner. Your life goals are important, and Webster University wants to make sure you have the funding to make your goals a reality. What is your level of financial literacy? Do you exercise smart money management techniques?

Find out now FREE of charge at Financial Literacy 101Use the access code WEBFYE.


About the Course

This course provides a free opportunity to learn or review your knowledge about financial health, budgeting, bank services, credit and debit cards, credit reports, credit scores, account management, identify theft, financial trouble, financial goals, and more!

After a brief pre-course survey, you'll be able to attend the Financial Literacy 101 course. The information you enter into the course is 100% confidential. No one will be able to see your survey responses, financial goals, notes, budget, or any other personal information. Since much of the course is personalized to your financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, we encourage you to thoughtfully and accurately answer all questions.

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