Student Account Refunds

The Business Office will process a student's refund when a credit balance is due back to the student. Fall 2 loans will start posting to student accounts on Monday, October 22 for Graduate students, and refunds will start being processed on the following Monday, October 29. The first Fall 2 term Undergraduate student loan refunds will start going out on Monday, November 5.

Some students have taken advantage of Higher One's new on-line ability to submit banking information, so refunds can be processed via ACH to the bank of your choice. Students don't need to do anything if the ACH option has already been selected and bank information was provided by mail or fax.

If you have not selected a refund option to tell us how to disburse your refund, please take care of this now. It may take 6 days for the initial ACH option to be processed if bank information is provided on-line. Selection of your refund preference in advance will allow you to receive your refunds in a timely manner.