Cashier Services | Webster University

Cashier Services

Webster University provides the following services to the University community at the Business Office cashier windows:

  • Bus Passes
  • Petty Cash Vouchers
  • Departmental and Organizational Deposits

Bus Passes

UPass, a partnership between Webster University and Metro Transit, offers free public transportation for Webster University students only. Webster University-branded annual "UPass" cards are available to students, faculty and staff at the Bursar's Office with a Webster University photo ID. Current Webster UPasses are good through mid-summer, and new passes will then be available at the beginning of the following academic year.  One UPass can be obtained from the Bursar's Office when a University ID is provided in person.  Replacement bus passes are not available through the UPass program.

Petty Cash Vouchers

Petty cash vouchers may be submitted for cash reimbursement to the cashier windows during business hours. There is a $50 maximum. Vouchers must be approved / signed by a department head with a valid Webster University account number. The individual receiving the cash funds is also required to sign the Petty Cash Voucher that verifies receipt of funds.

Departmental and Organization Deposits

The Business Office accepts and deposits all University funds.

A Webster university Cash Receipt form is completed by the depositing department that identifies the account to credit with supporting detail of each deposit item.

All deposited checks must be restrictively endorsed for deposit only.

Checks are deposited on a daily basis through the U.S. Bank OED system. Scanned images of paper checks are maintained, and the paper check is destroyed.