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Webster Connections Online Student Account Access, Information, and Payment Options

  • A tutorial for understanding how students and parents/guardians can use their Webster Connections' Access to review Student Account records and to make online payments via Credit/Debit Cards or by an Electronic Check can be located here.

Selecting Student Refund Preference

  • Webster University has partnered with BankMobile to disburse Webster University student refunds.  BankMobile specializes in U.S. Higher Education student refunding.  Each first time Webster University student, upon initial registration, receives in the mail a BankMobile Starter Kit.  This Starter Kit is sent in a bright green envelope. This Kit provides a BankMobile personal code and instructions on how to use that code at www.refundselection.com to select their BankMobile Refund Preference. The student can select a BankMobile debit card, a mailed refund paper check, or by direct transfer to the student's current bank account as their BankMobile refund preference.
  • The student can also call the Webster University Student Business Office at 800-981-9803 or 314-968-7410 to request a BankMobile personal access code and instructions to be sent to their Webster Connections e-mail account.  A tutorial for selecting student refund preference can be found here.

1098-T Federal Tax Form Instructions

  • A tutorial for understanding how students can obtain their 1098-T Federal Tax Form here. These forms will be available to students by January 31st of each calendar year.