CACUBO 2013 Program Committee | Webster University

CACUBO 2013 Program Committee

Below are .pdf versions of presentation material and presenter biographies.

Number Presentation Materials Presenter Bio
Pre-Con Jamie Churchill
Candice Fischbach
Heather Foster
Donna Meeks
Joshua Adams
Michele Gross
101 Sustaining a Culture of Ethics Fred Rogers
Larry Ladd
102 Diverse Perspectives on Managing Facilities Demands Susan Palmer
James Kadamus
Rick Anderson
Pam Elliott Cain
103 Sharpen Your Leadership Skills Dr Gerald Graham
104 The NCAA and the Challenges Facing Athletic Programs Kathleen McNeely
106 Engaging Students in Their Language (And Drive the Actions You Need) Colleen Sheehan
201 Phillip Ray
202 Emerging Technology Gregory Deppong
Katie Thornton
203 How Much is Too Much? Debt Capacity as a Strategic Concept Michael Papadakis
David Lechner
Erin Ortiz
204 Tax Update Mary Rauschenberg &
Kristina Rasmussen
205 Do We Have a Policy on That, Eh? Donna Ball
206 Today Money Moves Mobile John McElroy
301 Classroom Study Tool Joseph Bilotta
302 Capturing Data and Creating Business Intelligence Debra Jenkins
303 Diversity Adversity! Dr Maura Cullen
304 Benchmarking Investment Portfolios Kevin Doherty
Jeffrey Schroeder
305 Policy Partnerships Michele Gross
306 Financial Literacy - Why Money Matters on Campus Mary Johnson
401 Construction Fraud - Prevention and Detection Susan Palmer
Tony Ollmann
402 Going Mobile, Not Postal Catherine Maxwell
Janice Johnson
Rick Moreci
Mary Oakes
403 Best Practices in University Budgeting Wallace Wetheril
Dr Duane Kilty
404 Implications of Healthcare Reform Leo Tokar
405 Working with the Faculty Senate Dr Kathren Brown
406 Visioning the Bursar's Office for Tomorrow's Needs and Wants (Continued in 506) David Glezerman &
Dennis DeSantis
501 The Cashless and Paperless Business Office Ginny Layton
Tony Newland
502 Transforming Data Intelligence Erin Snyder &
Laura Burkamper
503 Campus Update Plan David King
504 990 Benchmarking Joyce Dulworth
Susan Westermeyer
505 Shepherding a Successful Policy Committee Michele Gross
506 Visioning the Bursar's Office for Tomorrow's Needs and Wants (Continued from 406) David Glezerman &
Dennis DeSantis
601 Using Lean Methodologies to Create Efficiency and Change the Culture Alfred Ryan
Carol Hauser
602 Study Abroad - Risks and Solutions Edward Moller
Robin Melavalin
603 Inclusive Excellence - Harness Demographic Change for Competitive Advantage Lee Gill
604 FASB Update Kurt Gabouer
605 ACUPA 2013 Potpourri Session Candice Fischbach
Heather Foster
606 See How People and Technology Can Unlock the Power of Your SIS Joe Meuse
607 GASB Update - What Statements 65 and 68 Mean to You Frederick Lantz
GS1 Dr Freeman Hrabowski
GS2 Peter Sagal
GS3 Dumb Things Well-Intentioned People Say Dr Maura Cullen
GS4 Herman Boone