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Finance and Administration Policies FAQ

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Don't see your question answered on the frequently asked questions page? Contact your PolicyTech Administrator who can help answer your question.



Q: How do I create, review, or approve a document in PolicyTech?

A: The primary steps to creating, reviewing, and approving documents can be found on the Policy Training Page under the Basic Training heading. The document owner presentation describes the steps to create Additionally, you can view the PolicyTech user guide by clicking the help icon on top-right corner of the screen or contact your PolicyTech Administrator.



Q: Who do I include as the approver on my policy?

A: We suggest referring to the "Department & Basic Approval Structure" document on the Policy Training Page under the Basic Training heading. Typically department leaders will be approvers with any additional managers above them as laid out in the department structure document. Greg Gunderson has final approval on F&A policies and should be a final level approver on new policies.



Q: I don't have a username or login. How can I be entered into the system?

A: Department managers set up the initial list of who is added to the system. If you would like to be added, please contact your PolicyTech Administrator with the following information: First and Last Name, Email Address, Department, Necessary Roles (Document Creator, Reviewer, Approver, Reader).



Q: What is the difference between Policy and Procedure?

A: Please see the Policy vs. Procedure document describing the basic differences.